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Before experiencing to practice yoga online, like you, I was very skeptical. Let me tell you that it works well, check below the guidelines to start your yoga practice online.


  • HOME SETUP - Clear a space at home, where you can set up your yoga mat and blocks. You can buy them at a very affordable price in Tao Bao or at Chi Fu Stationary in Av. Horta e Costa.

  • LIVESTREAM  - You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The larger the screen is, the better you can see your instructor. Create an account in Zoom for free, set up your camera in landscape view, and make sure your internet connection is good. 

  • ZOOM LINK - Check your email, 30 minutes before the class starts you will get the zoom link.  Click and you are in!

  • KIDS - Don’t worry if your little one is around when you do the session. All participants are muted during it, so don’t stress.

  • USE YOUR CAMERA - Make sure that your camera is on and pointed to you, so I can check your safe alignment during the practice.

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