Yoga Wheel

Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Learn how to use a yoga wheel in a safe and effective way to assist with diffusing tightness, opening the chest, shoulders, thighs, and hip flexors. You will be surprised to find out that incorporating the wheel into your favorite poses in a flow, adds fluidity to movement, massages, and supports the stability of your spine in backbends. The wheel is simply another prop to help enhance and progress in your yoga practice. Suitable for all levels.


Core & Balance Flow

Thursday 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Learn more about your core structure and practice breathing techniques to tone the internal abdominal muscles, connecting the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. This practice is designed to activate and strengthen your core body, while improving also your balance and stability in standing and sitting poses. Having a strong, stable core is key to healthy, and lifelong mobility.

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Ashtanga Vinyasa

 Saturday 9:30 - 11:00 AM

Ashtanga is a dynamic style of yoga that emphasizes the combined use of movement and breath (Vinyasa). Practitioners are instructed through a set sequence of postures each time based on the traditional Primary Series. A regular practice of Ashtanga helps the mind to be clearer, the body to be stronger and more flexible. Suitable for all levels as modifications and opportunities to rest will always be given.


Yoga Flow

Saturday 11:10 AM - 12:10 PM

Yoga is not only the perfect recharge practice for athletes to recover after training, but also to improve your next performance. This sequence is designed to build body strength while helping to increase flexibility and balance. You will be moving from one pose to another in a consistent flow combined with your breath. Learn also yogic breathing techniques, known as Pranayama, to decrease stress, and expand lungs capacity. Suitable for all levels, even if you are not an athlete.

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Saturday 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can help to improve joint mobility, stretch and build muscle strength, while promoting wellbeing and reducing stress. The Chair Yoga sequence adapts, in a creative way, classic yoga postures to integrate the support of a chair, which offers stability and safety. It assists people with low mobility, profound stiffness, injuries and hip problems.

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Practicing yoga while pregnant is important and valuable for women and the connection with their babies. It empowers them throughout all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. Yoga increases overall strength and flexibility, helping to alleviate many common prenatal ailments such as lower back pain, sciatica, fatigue and insomnia. Labour Support Workshop for Couples is also available under request. Mums-to-be are welcome from the 2nd trimester onwards (after week 14). Contact me first to learn more about the special requirements prior to join the sessions.



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