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Yoga in Taipa


Group Classes


Ready for more consistency in your yoga practice? The hardest part is showing up. Keeping your commitment to yourself means that no matter what, you show up to practice. I am here to help.

Safe and supportive space, small groups, individualized attention, beginners-friendly

Cannot come to class? Practice at home with my guidance.

Have you heard about the concept of hybrid yoga classes? They are a combination of online and in-person classes at the same time to address the needs of each person.


The hybrid yoga classes are simultaneous livestreaming, they take place in a studio setting with the option for participants to join online from home.

Each week you can choose to practice live in-person or online from the comfort of your home.

Commit to a regular practice 

Yin Yoga.jpg

Yin Yoga

Monday 7 to 8 pM

Hybrid class: in-person & online, Taipa

Yin Yoga works deeply into our body with longer-held passive poses. We practice set sequences to address each organ pathway and understand the blockages and imbalances. A Yin practice targets the deepest tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, deep fascia networks, and the meridians. It serves as a needleless acupuncture session and regular practice balances overall energy by restoring the healthy flow of Qi 氣 (life force) in our bodies.

Power Yoga.jpg

Better than Coffee, Morning Power Yoga

Wednesday 7:30 to 8:15 AM

Online only

This is a perfect early morning yoga flow to wake up your body and prepare your mind for a positive and productive day ahead. A good solution for busy days when you need a quick yet powerful flow to boost your energy levels and cultivate mental and physical strength.

Restorative Yoga.jpg

Restorative Yoga

Wednesday 7 to 8 pm

Hybrid class: in-person & online, Taipa


Restorative Yoga is all about slowing down and opening your body through gentle stretching. A delicious way to start the evening, releasing body tension and nurturing a tired mind after a long and hectic day at work. The class starts with breath awareness followed by a gentle flow to release the areas of tension. A wonderful blend of gentle yoga, restorative postures, and breathing exercises. Recommended if recently you are experiencing body aches, extreme fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

Ashtanga Yoga.jpg

Ashtanga Yoga

Saturday 9:30 to 11 am

In-person, Taipa


Ashtanga is a dynamic style of yoga that emphasizes the combined use of movement and breath (Vinyasa). Participants are instructed through a set sequence of postures each time based on the traditional Primary Series. A regular practice of Ashtanga helps the mind to be clearer, and the body to be stronger and more flexible. Suitable for all levels as modifications and opportunities to rest will always be given.

Yoga Over 50.jpg

Yoga Over 50

Saturday 12 to 1 pm

In-person, Taipa


As we age our bodies go through major hormonal changes in the gradual process of menopause. In this class, we will use yoga, strength training, and resistance to help support the systems of the body, optimize health, and mitigate the symptoms of menopause. We will also practice meditation and breathing exercises to improve lung capacity and address sleeping disorders. You will not only notice the difference in your figure but also your mood and concentration.

Yoga Over50 Weekly

Not sure if these classes are suitable for you? Try 3 classes for only 300 mop

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