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Yogi, mother, I found my healing path through helping others, teacher, forever student, trainer, curious human, Portuguese-Chinese, Mexican at heart, event planner, psychology lover, dreamy, Piscis sun sign, Rooster Chinese lunar sign, Hong Kong-born, polyglot.

A brief introduction about me 


My Story

Before fully dedicated to teaching yoga, I worked for many years as an event planner. Over the years, my commitment to the practice grew stronger, providing me with the invaluable tools to navigate and overcome the continuous stress that came with my demanding job. Not only did yoga enhance my mental well-being, but it also had a profound impact on my physical health.


In 2019, I made a life-changing decision to leave behind the hectic world of corporate events for good. Driven by a passionate desire to share the transformative power of yoga with individuals leading stressful lifestyles, I embarked on a new chapter of my life as a full-time yoga instructor.


Through my personal experience in the corporate world, I can empathize with the challenges my students face. This allows me to tailor my teachings and customize yoga practices that specifically address each person's unique and individual needs.


My Pregnancy Story and Becoming a Prenatal Yoga Teacher

In 1996, I gave birth to my son Marco in Mexico City. The months leading up to the birth were filled with excitement as I prepared both my body and mindset for the big day, confident in my ability to bring my child into the world without intervention. However, the reality of my birth experience turned out to be a completely different story.


After enduring many hours of early labor at home, I finally made my way to the hospital hoping for progress. To my disappointment, the doctor informed me that my dilation was slow and he decided to proceed with cesarean delivery. I requested more time, hoping that my body would progress naturally. However, my plea was ignored, and the medical team’s decision was final.


The frustration and disappointment overwhelmed me as I felt unsupported and unheard. It upset me to think that this choice had likely been driven by the profit-centered approach of many doctors and hospitals. Sadly, my experience is not unique, as North American countries rank among the highest in the world for C-section rates.


Empowering Moms To Be

This profound and traumatic event shaped my future path, leading me to dedicate a significant part of my yoga teachings to supporting pregnant women through prenatal yoga. I firmly believe that every woman deserves to find a connection with her body and trust in her own abilities during the transformative experience of childbirth. By empowering expectant mothers with knowledge and support, I hope to help them make informed decisions and create birth plans that align with their wishes.


In retrospect, while my birth experience may not have unfolded as I had hoped, it was the catalyst that propelled me towards a purposeful path. By sharing my story, teaching yoga, and offering a sense of empowerment to pregnant women, I aspire to create a positive change and ensure that every woman feels heard and valued throughout their own unique birth journey.


My Past Events & Courses




Basic guidelines and tools to empower yoga teachers to support pregnant women in group classes. Yoga Alliance Continued Education certification issued for teachers.

International Certified Yoga Teachers Association Macao 澳門國際認證瑜伽導師協會


MAY 2023 and OCT 2022


Intensive course with the depths and insights of the Ashtanga yoga method and Vinyasa technique. Yoga Alliance Continued Education certification issued for teachers.

International Certified Yoga Teachers Association Macao 澳門國際認證瑜伽導師協會


SEPT 2022


Empower women to use yoga, meditation and breathing practices to overcome menstrual and menopause symptoms.

Warehouse Studio


MAY 2022


Introduction to the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Yoga practice and tradition. Module integrated in RYT 300 Teachers Training.

Yoga Shala 853


JULY 2021


Eclectic mix of programs, including different styles of yoga,  breathing practices, sound bath and meditation, nutrition and self-care tips to support the local community facing the second year of lockdown due to COVID.

(Joint event with Free Spirit Oils)

The Macau Roosevelt


APRIL 2021


An introductory workshop that incorporates yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy to discover what the chakra system is and the role it plays in our lives. (Joint event with Free Spirit Oils)

The Macau Roosevelt

My Credentials & Training

APRIL 2023

Sama Ashtanga Intensive with Chuck Miller. Agora, Lisbon, Portugal.


MARCH 2023

Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Primary Level with Sarah Powers. Radiant Alive, Ubud, Bali.


MARCH 2021 to JANUARY 2023

Essentials of Vinyasa Krama with Matthew Sweeney. Live via Zoom.



Shoulder Intensive Teacher Training with Tiffany Cruikshank, Yoga Medicine. Live via Zoom.


MAY 2020

Teaching the Postnatal Student. Prenatal Yoga Center, New York. Live via Zoom.



The Wheel of Ashtanga Yoga with John Scott. Yoga Mala, Hong Kong.



Kosha: Unleashing the Science of Soul with Rod Stryker. The Practice, Cangu, Bali.


MARCH 2019

120 HRS Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Mindful Birth Australia. Pure, Hong Kong.



The Art of Vinyasa with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor. Manila, Philippines.



RYT 200 An Education in Yoga with Paul Dallaghan. Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand.

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My Commitment

My work is dedicated to supporting and empowering you through all stages of life with the transformative practice of yoga. I provide a welcoming and safe space to strengthen your body, find serenity, and nourish your being. Unlike other yoga venues with focus on young, flexible bodies, my adaptive yoga approach is tailored specifically to the changing needs of women as they mature, become pregnant, give birth, go through menopause, and enter late adulthood.


My years of experience and holistic proposal differentiate my offers, as my priority is to meet wherever you are in your journey, holding space for you to integrate the power of a nourishing yoga practice to improve the quality of your life.


It is an honor to be able to serve you on your path to achieve internal balance, and encourage you always to prioritize self-care.

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