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Yoga in Midlife

From Feeling Lost
to Self-Discovery

Overwhelmed with night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, while also struggling with anxiety and brain fog? You are not alone. I support women over 40 and beyond with yoga holistic strategies during peri/menopause.

MarluzYoga classes in Taipa, Macao

Turn a Midlife Crisis into a Vibrant Restart


The age of a midlife crisis often coincides with peri/menopause for us, women. Midlife transition affected by the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation can bring up feelings of confusion, depression and uncertainty. Most of us enter this stage of life with lack of knowledge, feeling shame, lonely and unsupported.


However, all is not lost.

Have you ever considered that this period can also be an opportunity to develop self-knowledge and prioritize your own wellbeing? How to restart vibrantly in midlife? This is possible with the right tools and mindset.



Holistic practices using Yoga postures and sequences to keep your body strong, healthy, and vibrant


Meditation, breathwork, and self-inquiry techniques to reduce negative self-talk and accept midlife changes


Consistency in yoga and focus, you will grow in confidence and willpower to put aside old beliefs, and stereotypes


Hello, I am Margarida

I followed my heart and became a yoga teacher upon entering midlife. Now, at 55 and teaching yoga for nearly nine years, I have learned to embrace my aging process and realize I have the power to change how I choose to grow older.

My mission is to guide and support you to seek purpose and relief from your daily hectic routine, offering you a sanctuary to reconnect with yourself and renew.

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My Offerings



Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga


The growing popularity of yoga during and after pregnancy in Macau speaks a lot about the importance of using these effective methods to support you physically and emotionally at these stages of life.


Prenatal Yoga Key Features:

  • Breathing techniques to cope with contraction pain during the stages of labor

  • Safe yoga postures to ease discomfort in the neck and shoulders and lower back pain

  • Yoga series to create space for your growing baby and prepare your body for birth


Postnatal Yoga Key Features:

  • Breathing combined with abs and pelvic floor work to tone and strengthen your core back

  • Tailor-made yoga sequence to address postpartum discomforts like tired back from breastfeeding

  • Yin or Restorative Yoga to help your tired body recover from sleep deprivation taking care of your newborn


Yoga Awakening: Empowering Women Over 40 and Beyond


Yoga practices, meditation, breathwork and self-inquiry techniques that for years have been helping me and my students navigate midlife with ease and receptivity:


  • Challenge negative self-talk and build a positive perception of all the things that make you unique.

  • Develop focus on what matters with meditation and use internal resources to reach your goals.

  • Get over low self-esteem and boost confidence while noticing the benefits of yoga practice in your appearance.

  • Alleviate perimenopause and menopause symptoms with specific poses (asanas) and breathing techniques.

  • Learn to use yoga to ease signs of stress, anxiety, and insomnia, replacing antidepressants and sleeping pills.



Reclaim Your Mobility with Yoga


Are you over 60 or 70 and think that you’re too old to start Yoga? Age is just a number, and Yoga is an inclusive practice for people in all stages of life, the only requirement is that you have the confidence to give it a try.


What To Expect:

  • Each class will be adapted to your level of fitness. We will start with Chair Yoga and progress from there.

  • No crazy backbends or inversions, only yoga poses to help you release stiffness and that nagging pain in your back.

  • Improve your balance in order to lower the risk of falls and the injuries that can result from them.

  • With consistency comes the results. Reclaim your autonomy and live a life of independence.

  • Increase respiratory health. Yoga breathing techniques can enhance lung capacity and improve your quality of life.

Classes testimonials & reviews

“I am very glad indeed to be able to learn Yoga from Margarida from ground zero and her very gentle way of supporting my progress. Her instructions are always given in such detail and so clearly mapped out that even a senior like myself can experience the benefits of the practice. Having regular private sessions, I have improved my flexibility and balance in a few months, which is necessary for people of my age. This is surely the right path to a beautiful life where wellness and good health are not an option but a priority."

Ceci Choi (Reclaim Your Mobility Yoga)



The Specialties sessions cater to both individuals seeking to practice privately and groups of friends looking to embark on a yoga experience together.




An opportunity for expectant parents to prepare for the big day together. This session aims to promote a greater bond, enjoyment, and confidence during one of the most important moments in a couple's life: the birth of their baby.


This class is a good occasion to bond with your newborn while safely re-introducing yoga poses and movements to regain strength and flexibility after giving birth. The session can be recorded to preserve happy memories!

Researchers found that practicing yoga can actually increase bone density if done consistently and properly. It also improves balance, muscular strength, range of motion, and coordination while reducing the risk of falling.

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